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Plant-Based Meal Delivery

How to Order:

Weekly Meal Delivery

Pre-ordered meals are prepared and delivered to convenient pick-up locations in and around Akron. Select your meals and a pick-up location that works best for you.

Wholesale & Catering

Whether you’re a local shop looking to add a plant-based food option, or someone planning an epic party for a crowd, Good Roots can accommodate your wholesale or catering needs.

100% Plant-Based

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, oil-free, or all of the above, we have you covered. Our 100% plant-based foods are outrageously tasty and healthy.


Enjoy Good Roots knowing each bite is packed with nutrients (and flavor!). Each recipe is meticulously crafted to create a final dish that not only looks good and tastes good but is good for you.

Locally Sourced

We locally source irresistibly fresh ingredients from multiple sources, including from a partnership with our sister company, Living City Farms, in Tallmadge, Ohio.

Our Beliefs

At Good Roots, we believe the food we eat should be good for us, taste good, and do good for the community.

Be Good

We believe the food we eat should be good for us—it’s about being healthy. Plant-based eating is proven to lower cholesterol, lower the risk of diabetes, lessen the effects of dietary issues, and much more. So, eat more plants!

Taste Good

We believe the food we eat should taste good—it’s about enjoying our food. Plant-based food shouldn’t be bland, boring, or blah. Creation was made for us to fill our plates with flavor, freshness, and fun.

Do Good

We believe the food we eat should do good for the community—it’s about making an impact. We are rooted in our local area to do good and see our customers, suppliers, and communities prosper.

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A Good Place Organization

Good Roots is a Good Place Holdings organization—encouraging and celebrating principles and values that have withstood the test of time. Good Place organizations aim to value people over surplus, build up Good Places in the community, and be economically regenerative. Learn more about what makes a Good Place organization “good” at

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